«The Poltava Hotels» - it’s your reliable assistant in the selection of apartments for rent inPoltava. We provide a variety of apartments for every taste. To your attention: one-, two-, three-room flat “economy”, “standard” and “luxe”. We offer apartments for rent inPoltavawithout middlemen at reasonable and affordable prices.

Poltava is a wonderful city that has long been famous for its tourist attraction. Historical places resonate with modern buildings, subways, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants.

Green street cozy, quiet and cozy atmosphere of the city attract tourists from other regions of Ukraine, as well as foreign guests.

Ideal to travel to Poltava for the weekend, better on 3-4 days. Then the question arises where to stay. Cozy apartments it is a guarantee that you will be pleased with accommodations and travel. If you're going on a business trip,  comfort it is that what you need.

Rent our apartments for rent is a perfect for a tourist trip, for those who want to relax in luxury apartments, for those who are going on a business trip.

We suggest you to stay at our cozy apartment, located in a picturesque corner of Poltava. Next to the apartments is a chestnut avenue, near Hull and garden with a circular backbone and radial avenues through which opens the form on the monument of Glory.

We are pleased to offer you all facilities for comfortable stay and rest in the apartment. Excellent service, cozy apartments to meet the wishes of the most demanding guests.

Our apartments are the same as explained on the site. Facilities for changing clothes and cleaning of apartments are available on time and in full, the apartments are equipped with household appliances.

Rent an apartment or a long-term lease accommodation is not difficult. Call us or email.

Below you will find some useful articles that may interest you.

Advantages of an apartment over a hotel room.

They say that a hotel is comfort, reliability and service, but they are also afraid to mention how expensive this living can be. Let’s finish this argument and take a good look at the main points: location, square area of ​​apartments, a wide range of choice, number of residents, money saving, conveniences, availability of household appliances.

  • Location. If you come to Poltava being interested in a particular area or street, the hotel might not be helpful for you, because of the absence of the desired location, but if you rent an apartment in Poltava, you can choose the area where it will be most convenient and comfortable for you to stay.
  • Square area of ​​apartments. Most of the hotel rooms can not offer wide area, but it can be done by commodious  and spacious apartments. It’s an important factor for comfortable living.
  • A wide range of choice. In most cases hotel rooms are typical. The situation is quite opposite with flats, each apartment is special )with unique interior and inner content.
  • The number of residents. If you travel with a big company, consequently you will need a big room. You can have problems in this case if you want to stay in a hotel. The only way to solve this problem is to rent a big room for a round sum of money or several rooms that will cost no less. It’s much easier with rent apartments in Poltava. You can rent a one- room apartment with two, three or even four separate beds and pay some little extra money for bed linens.
  • Money saving. The arithmetic is quite simple. For example, you can rent a standard class apartment only for 200 USD, while the housing of the same quality in the hotel you can rent for at least 400 USD.
  • Conveniences.  In an apartment as well as in a hotel room there is a bedroom, a toilet and a shower, but what about a bath or a kitchen? Surely in a hotel there are rooms with bathtubs  that cost a lot, but you will never find a hotel room with a kitchen.
  • Availability of household appliances. All hotel rooms as well as all apartments are equipped with necessary hardware, but there are devices in the hotels which can be given to you only for an extra payment, for example, an iron, while in the apartment they are free of charge.

To sum up, we can say that apartments for rent in Poltava are more profitable and more comfortable than hotel rooms.

Apartments for rent in Poltava, what is it?

    In short it is a very diverse thing, but it’s better to look at it more closely and explain.

    So, you are going to Poltava, and you need an accommodation for the time of your stay. Let’s consider the basic questions that may arise while you are looking for apartments for rent in Poltava.

  1. The cost of apartments for rent in Poltava?

    The price of an apartment is from 180 USD to 1100 USD, there are cheaper of course, but then the question is: “Will it be a comfortable stay or not? “. The price depends on the location, square area and condition.

  1. Where are the apartments located?

    The apartments for rent are located throughout Poltava in every area of ​​the town, but if you look closely you'll see that the prices of apartments with the same interior are different. The apartments which are situated in the city center are a little bit more expensive than those located in the surrounding area or in a bedroom community of the town.

  1. The conditions of the apartments.

    The interiors of the apartments are unique, but it is necessary to emphasize that in most cases the prices of apartments depend on their condition. Earlier in Poltava we didn’t have such a variety of apartments with design interiors and they were quite expensive, but now, the level of competition in this sector has significantly increased, thus the prices were decreased.

    So we have considered all the major questions and if you will be interested in something you can email us and we will be happy to answer you. You can see all the apartments on our website and make your own conclusion.

How to rent an apartment in Poltava?

    This question is particularly important for people who have never used the service of rent. At first you need to find answers to the following questions: “Where can you find an advertisement?”, “How not to fall a victim of a swindler?”

     Let’s answer to the first one. The advert can be found in the press or after the arrival to Poltava for example at the station, but we personally believe that this way has seen it’s day. Advertising on the Internet is currently at the peak of popularity, and has the following advantages:

• high-quality photos of apartments;

• full description;

• wide choice of the apartments;

• easy search (for example, if you type in the search engine "Apartments for rent in Poltava," "Apartments for rent" or "Apartments for rent Poltava", you will get dozens or even hundreds of advertisements).

    Now we come to the answer to the second question: “How not to fall a victim of a swindler?” It’s very simple. First of all, choose the advertisements that have high-quality content, also you have to check the credibility of advertisements, for example flat "Lux" for 100-150 UAH raises great suspicion.

    And finally, you can ask for a certificate that confirms that the person who offers the service is a taxpayer and has the right to rent an apartment.